In 2006, Paul Nasto and David Whitehead established Creative Ventures, a partner- ship committed to the development and commission of new works for the theatre and screen. The company’s first work, The Count, is written by Nasto and Whitehead and is the first of many new works planned from the group.

The Count is a musical depiction of Alexandre Dumas’ epic tale, The Count of Monte Cristo. Adapted for the stage, this new musical brings to life the wrenching and tragic story of Edmond Dantes, a young French sailor who is wrongfully accused of a crime he didn’t commit. Using a combination of knowledge about his enemies' weaknesses and limitless resources, Dantes as the Count of Monte Cristo, sets about orchestrating and carrying out each betrayer’s downfall. His quest for vengeance conflicts with his pursuit for faith and love, unleashing a complex, internal struggle for recompense and peace. In the end, his hate destroys what he loves most.

The Count, the musical, is a rich tapestry of contrasts: a rich and gritty composition combined with visual disparities: poverty and opulence, cold dank prison cells and plush rooms, unbridled confidence and deep despair. The action happens on stage: a whipping, a hanging, a stabbing, and death. This new musical is meant to bring joy, inspire and convey the realities of living in a Napoleonic world.

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The Pharaon's Home
The One for Me
I Have Never Done Anything Wrong
Mercedes Lament
A Reason for Hope
A Smugger’s Life
Act I Finale
Ears Don’t Lie
It Must Be You
Duty With A Smile
It’s Destiny
Act II Finale



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The Literary Critics Agree:

"... an engaging and well-written musical..." - SOHO THEATRE - London

"...the writing captures much of the gothic atmosphere of Dumas' novel." - ROYAL COURT - London

A Two Act Musical based on the Alexandre Dumas book The Count of Monte Cristo
The Count - A Musical In Two Acts