I-1A The Pharaon's Home Danglars, DeNortier, Chorus
I-1C The One For Me Mercedes, Fernand, Dantes
I-2A Dangler's Taunt Danglars, Fernand
I-2B The Announcement Morell
I-3A The Devil's Pact Danglars, Fernand, DeVillefort
I-4A I Have Never Done Anything Wrong Dantes, Mercedes, Morell, DeVillefort, Chorus
I-4B Camile's Vision/Mercedes Lament Camile, Mercedes, Fernand
I-5A A Reason for Hope Abbe, Chorus
I-8A A Jailor's Lot (Ten Sou a Day) Three Jailors (2 Basses and 1 Tenor from chorus)
I-8D I'm Free Dantes
I-9A A Smuggler's Life Louis Vampa, Jaco, Chorus
I-9B Vengence - Act I Finale ALL
II-1A The Carnival at Paris Chorus
II-2B Ears Don't Lie Mercedes
II-3A How 'Bout A Lay Dear? Female Chorus members
II-4A It Must Be You Dantes, Mercedes
II-6A Duty with A Smile Chorus
II-7A It's Destiny Abbe, Camile, Dantes
II-9A No One Left To Blame Mercedes
II-9B The Final Dual Dantes, Fernand
II-10A Act II Finale ALL