Paul Nasto, composition and orchestration

Paul Nasto has worked in professional music since 1972 as a musician and composer. His compositions represent the full spectrum of music – classical to contemporary and everything in-between. During his time in and around the New York music scene, he composed, recorded, and produced radio jingles and commercials, performed as a back-up singer on locally and nationally advertised commercials, performed as a soloist in New York and New Jersey, and accompanied various artists. His background also includes performing as a solo pianist and performing piano with various groups at many New York and New Jersey jazz/night clubs, where he made a name for himself as a jazz pianist while performing with an 18 piece 1940’s style swing band. Recently, Paul has focused his writing on the development of Musical Theatre works and, in 2003, one of Paul’s musicals (Let Me Sing) had its national debut at Washington’s National Theatre. Paul’s music has been performed on both the national and international stage, with some of his most recent works representing contemporary music styles. Aside from composition, Paul is an accomplished conductor who originally studied with Leon Hyman (conductor of the Broadway Musical 1776 and currently the conductor of the New Philharmonic of New Jersey) and David Randolf (the former conductor of the New Jersey Master Works Society) and often works with local and regional theatre groups as their Musical Director. Paul has a BA in Music from Montclair State University and an MA in Music Composition from George Mason University.