Why Choose MyHomeCompanion

MyHomeCompanion is a local company staffed with local people from around your community. From the CEO to the part-time caregiver, every one at MyHomeCompanion is someone who lives and works among the clients we serve.

MyHomeCompanion hires only the best caregivers possible and we are contnually training them to be better. Each caregiver is certified by the state, has completed a background check, and is fully bonded. Each caregiver is monitored and evaluated - and part of that evaluaion is from YOU!

MyHomeCompanion focuses on the needs of your loved one and taylors a program to benefit them. Whether it is short-term part-time care or long-term full-time care MyHomeCompanion provides the same quatily of service from responsible, certified, professional caregivers whose only interest is to provide the best possible experience for your loved one.

MyHomeCompanion has financial options. You choose the right payment method for you. Whether you choose a contract with MyHomeCompanion for long-term full-time care or pay-as-you-go for short-term part-time care, MyHomeCompanion works with you to ensure that the model is correct for your situation.